When it comes to forms, a UI designer must use caution when styling for the sake of all users. I created a basic form with the help of jQuery UI and played around with some field designs. The following styles I found may be useful depending on the site style and form purpose. The use […]

Transitions to me are very important. Even a very slight ease of .2s can make a difference for the user. The sad part about CSS3 is the inability to animate the underline in text. However, there is a work around: create a block that looks like an underline. Using the :after pseudo and setting the […]

I designed this during my research in searching for new ways to promote a small business that specializes in temporary tattoo’s. Using the ‘Artifika’ style font, I fixed the navigation pane with the title of the business and sub-title which can be used for location. The glyphicons from bootstrap I felt plays a solid part […]