Everyday new web pages are being developed and you may ask yourself: what appeals to my target audience? How will it stand out from other sites? And will it get the same appeal and convenience in mobile and other small devices? As a front-end designer, these are just some of the considerations among many that is focused before and during the process of development.

My goals are to create modern websites based on the latest technology and standards, research as to what you want the world to see your business as, and develop/script for all devices, growth, and convenience towards customers and other developers. Overall, it’s understanding the user’s experience/interface and applying this information in an art form of style and information.

Before I got into web design, I worked as a free-lance IT technician servicing and build custom PC for clients. However, I felt unsatisfied with my career and searched for a position that expressed my urban creativity as well as applied some of my IT skills. That’s when I began my passion in web design and development.

I consider myself to be dynamic and very open minded to new things, which I consider and excellent trait for coming up with new modern designs, animations, layouts, etc. After spending most of my free time in part-time courses at BCIT and learning online, I am ready to take on greater project work.

My primary focus is on front-end design and development: designing the appropriate UI that reflects the client while considering the overall UX of both client and user. What I enjoy most is collaborating with others and researching techniques to make unique and appealing websites.